WSA always follows the philosophy of rethinking. In office design, this means moving away from the current situation and opening up new perspectives.

Nothing is more certain than change. Everything that WSA plans is temporary and offers flexible solutions for the future. Companies are always evolving, which means that new, innovative ways of working can be continuously implemented in active, flexible working environments.


Successful projects have concrete aims, an objective and an external office planner as a temporary partner. This applies not only for new ideas but also for project structures, deadlines and costs.
At WSA, we can show you how to create new office and communications environments within your company, which will support plans for the future. We take responsibility and guide you to your goal.

We would be happy to show you our procedures and reference projects.

Planning services | Büroeinrichtung - Büroplanung - Innenausbau | WSA


STEP 1: SETTING THE PROJECT OBJECTIVES ALL THE MAJOR DECISIONS ARE MADE AT THE BEGINNING. As a neutral starting point for analyzing locations and buildings, we calculate fixed space allocations. Then we check prospective new addresses for freedom and flexibility and test spaces and areas for utilization and quality of space.

Planning services | Büroeinrichtung - Büroplanung - Innenausbau | WSA


STEP 2: ZONE PLANNING THE FREEDOM TO THINK IN A SPACE-NEUTRAL WAY. With your help we are developing a space-neutral planning tool (CPO™ by WSA). This documents the effective floor space values and ideal communication values for spaces and zones. The calculated planning values are incorporated as zone plans into one or more projects for you to review. We deliver variations on the zone plans, so that you can decide for yourself.

Planning services | Büroeinrichtung - Büroplanung - Innenausbau | WSA
Planning services | Büroeinrichtung - Büroplanung - Innenausbau | WSA

STEP 3: LAYOUT WE WORK WHERE OUR JOBS REQUIRE US TO. The way in which we work is constantly changing. Physical presence at the actual workplace is rapidly declining for many functions, and the constant switching between communication and concentration has grown into a design challenge. Issues such as wellbeing at the workstation and privacy are also becoming increasingly important. We therefore explore these problems individually and come up with appropriate solutions.

Planning services | Büroeinrichtung - Büroplanung - Innenausbau | WSA