MYchair / MYchair Lounge


MYchair. Design: UNStudio/Ben van Berkel.

A new slant on things. MYchair is a sculpture in space. Sweeping and expressive. Impressive from all angles. Slanting, rounded and straight areas give way to each other. The base, seat and back of the lounge chair form a powerful composition. The upholstery traces convex and concave shapes. Intense colours create dynamic duets. The lounge chair is appealing and comfortable, and invites you to read, dream and relax. Enjoy the perspective.

MYchair Lounge. Design: UNStudio/Ben van Berkel.

Unfamiliar perspectives open up your eyes to new things. That is also true of MYchair Lounge. The lounge chair by Ben van Berkel will inspire you to have new ideas. The chair seems to open out to welcome you. The backrest tilts back slightly – as you would expect of a proper lounge chair. A small neck cushion provides additional comfort. So just put your feet up, lean back and relax. The upholstery traces convex and concave shapes. A new perspective to behold from every side. MYchair Lounge – an avantgarde sculpture, both on its own and as a complement to the sofa.


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