The demands placed on employees working in modern offices are extremely varied. They are expected to shift continuously from highly focused, independent work to fast-paced creative brainstorming with a team on a daily basis. ‘Room in room’ solutions offer the perfect space to retreat to thanks to echo reduction and reduced ambient noise. The design and fittings of these creative pit stops are as unique and varied as our clients’ requirements.

In open-plan offices, there is usually a higher demand for private spaces than there are rooms available. Modular room systems offer a solution, and can be positioned free-standing in shared spaces or reception areas. They can serve as meeting rooms or telephone booths, allowing employees to retreat to a private space when necessary. They can incorporate various partition systems with single- or double-glazing, or consist of closed areas. Acoustic rooms with sound-absorbing walls create a pleasant atmosphere from both an aesthetic and an acoustic perspective.

Our specialists are familiar with all the sizes and standards available in our wide range, and our in-house installation team can assemble your individual room in room solution in your space in less than an hour (depending on the model). We would be happy to arrange a consultation to address your individual wishes and vision in more detail.