New ideas for big venues: vertically stackable with arm-rests and frame-linking.

Design: Brunner Factory Design

A concealed frame linking mechanism, which works without any need for additional fixed or movable linking elements: this is the distinguishing characteristic of all of the models in this range. The latest model, first line, can be stacked vertically despite having arm-rests. Up to 15 chairs can be stored in safe and stable stacks. Just like with first place, the beech plywood shell is specially shaped: a fold on the rear edge of the seat surface ensures space saving stacking and improved ergonomics.    

  • Innovative frame linking system with arm-rests 
  • A clear-cut look and suitable for a variety of applications 
  • Up to 15 chairs can be stacked vertically 
  • Arm-rests have a plastic cap 
  • Ergonomic shell shaping, with innovative fold 
  • Options: ESN – Electronic Seat Numbering

More comfort and extremely easy to handle.

The arm rests on first line are fitted with a black plastic cap and ensure additional seating comfort, even in rows. The ergonomic beech plywood seat shell is – like with all models in the first range – mounted on the frame with concealed screws. The model is available with various options: stained, varnished, with seat or seat and back liner, or in a fully upholstered version. As an option, first line can be fitted with the Electronic Seat Numbering – ESN. Up to 15 chairs can be stacked evenly and safely – something few other chairs are capable of. Stable stacking despite the arm-rest: thanks to the Quick Clip glides and innovative seat shell. Practical accessory: transport and storage cart.


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