Work Better – New start for the office

The pandemic has permanently reshaped our lives and it will lead to a great reset in the workplace. Good or bad, people’s experiences working from home, and what they face when they return to the office, have influenced what they want in the workplace going forward. The things they liked about their office life before the crisis have become even more important, while the things that frustrated them will become an even bigger barrier if not addressed.

But what do employees really want in terms of the work environment?Recent studies with over 32,000 participants from 10 countries show that there are five important aspects that will significantly influence the workplace experience and bring about a redesign of offices.

If you are interested in how to implement these aspects in the office or would like the full report on the detailed research results, please contact us.


Offices never had to help mitigate the spread of disease, but people are now pandemic-aware. They will make decisions about where to work based on a new set of safety standards to help prevent transmission in the office, just as they expect safety standards for things like fires or tripping hazards.

Contact with their colleagues is the main reason why employees want to come back to the office. People want to feel a sense of belonging at work, which is not only good for their wellbeing but it also helps business results — feeling a strong sense of community is the top indicator of people’s productivity, engagement, innovation and commitment to the organization.

Most employees simply want their work to make sense and to be able to support the company in a meaningful way. That’s why they also want very pragmatic things for the workplace.

Employees need the ability to work in a range of postures, change settings and to move throughout their day. They need a quiet, distraction free environment when they need to focus and to feel connected to their coworkers and the organization’s purpose.

People want options so they can choose where to work or to adapt spaces based on the task they’re doing or how they like to work personally. Teams also need control over the level of privacy and the flexibility to move things around to best suit their work.

*Figures based on German data